My Story

Hello, my name is Janice Banks. I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand  

I am graphic designer with a real passion for design creation. Besides helping local and international businesses with my design services, I also love teaching graphic design and helping creative entrepreneurs create beautiful digital products. My mission is to help as many creative entrepreneurs as possible to build their digital business quickly and easily.

During this process, I would also like to encourage creative stay at home moms to start an online business from home so they could start creating a passive income for themselves and their families, just like I have. My online business has been growing from strength to strength every year and I do not know where I’d be right now if I didn’t make that first move 3 years ago. Now I receive funds from the sales I’ve made into my bank account every few couple of days or so. I’m so grateful for this business for supporting my growing family.

And you can too. You don’t have to know everything. You just need to start.

I started by creating a simple planner to sell in my store. Just one. People wanted more so I started creating more. Eventually, I found out that they were buying my printables because they wanted to edit them so they too can sell the printables in their own stores.

For the longest time I procrastinated. Requests were screaming in my face and I tried to shrug it off but it was ringing too loudly in my ears. I know I could not put it off any longer. When the opportunity came, I decided to heed that call and go ALL in!

That is where I started creating templates. I started with 7 templates in 2019. Today, on my birthday (April, 2020) - I have now over 210 templates sitting in this my store which I have just launched.

This is a really special day that marks a new beginning of helping more and more creative entrepreneurs. I am SO happy because I am now able to realize my dream of helping others build a passive income quickly and easily.


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With much love,

Janice xx